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What type of services does IVM Tech provide?

IVM Tech mainly provides vending machine services for different business customers. We will propose the most suitable models and cooperation solutions according to your needs, so that you can enjoy the maximum function of vending machines.

Will IVM Tech provide snack vending machines?

IVM Tech vending machines can display and sell a variety of products, including snacks, snacks, drinks, daily necessities, and more. As long as the product size can exceed the space limit and is legal, it can be placed in the vending machine for sale.

How much does IVM Tech rent a vending machine?

IVM Tech's vending machine rental solution is mainly handled by ADtive. If you want to know more about the rental and cost of vending machines, you can leave an email at to get relevant information.

Is IVM Tech's vending machine usage high?

We have customized five exclusive instructional videos for the use of vending machines in the whole bank. The content teaches our exclusive models and humanized exclusive system usage methods. If you want to know more, please visit the IVM vending machine blog to learn more.

Do IVM Tech vending machines need a license?

According to Hong Kong law, there is no need for a vending machine license to operate ordinary vending machines (including vending machines with general and refrigeration functions). If the vending machine has the function of food processing, it is necessary to apply for the relevant license from the government department.

How are IVM Tech full service plans billed?

IVM will decide whether it meets the requirements of the plan according to the customer's venue. If the customer wants to operate the vending machine through a threshold-free method, he can directly rent the machine from ADtive .

What's so special about IVM Tech vending machines and soda machines?

Traditional vending machines and soda machines can only buy and sell limited products, and their functions lack versatility. The IVM smart vending machine allows marketing records to be sent to the background for statistics, selling various products, displaying screen announcements or advertisements, and providing short-term event assistance for guests.

IVM Tech  Are there any restrictions on the products sold by the vending machine?

Items permitted by Hong Kong law can be resold in our vending machines, such as satiety food, umbrellas, hygiene products. Vending machines are available at convenience stores. Basically everything you see in a convenience store can be put into our vending machine. However, it is important to note that if you are selling food, the food must have a legally required food label.​

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