Intelligent Vending

Smartly Designed

Most people choose IVM Smart Vending

Beloved by many, now there are large number of franchisees from different regions. Let’s build a smart and intelligent city together!

Feature 1: Designed to be smart and attractive, an IVM will also come with powerful functions, which help to improve the appearance of your venue or products. Large capacity means increased effectiveness, “always available” and unstoppable revenue.
Feature 2: Comes with different sizes. The smallest one is only (H)1940mm (W)800mm (D)600mm, which fits very well in a modern crowded city.
Feature 3: Cloud system and intelligently intuitive UI design can greatly enhance operative effectiveness! Smart and impressive marketing campaign can kickstart your business.

They also use IVM Smart Vending

About IVM

Top notch Smart Vending should also be attractively looking, safe for consumers, durable and multi-function
High caliber technological team should also be passionate about innovation, visionary and professional

From the 2015 white paper to now, we have successfully convert a theory into the actual IVM Smart Vending machines, actively serving many brands and residential / commercial organizations, institutions and corporates. If you want to understand more about our team, work with us or become one of us, please feel free to contact us!

  • Great variety of IVM vending machines

    Unlike smart phones, smart vending machines are business machines, and must come with different models for different business needs. Therefore, there are more than 6 models being developed by IVM, which are multi-function and attractively smart looking.

  • Franchise

    Smart vending and normal vending machines are an integral part of modern people’s life. IVM believes a large number of franchisees will contribute to the propagation of Smart vending culture, and an outstanding management team is core to the prosperity of different stakeholders.

  • Marketing Campaigns

    An impressive branding event is the result of mixing advanced technology and a passionate professional team. Contact IVM now and collaborate together!

  • Global Locations

    Smart IVM vending machines have successfully bought 24-hour smart retail experience to more than 1,000 places and venues in several cities. These include shopping malls, residential estates, schools, offices, transportation hubs and many others.

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